Introducing The Cowgirl Jessica Drake introduces The Cowgirl - A short video which walks folks through the key functions of the machine.
The Cowgirl User Guide Jessica Drake walks users through the included parts, set up of the machine, and tips on how to use The Cowgirl. This is a great tutorial for folks who are considering to purchase the machine and for those who are ready to set up and use their machine for the first time.
The Cowgirl Rider Teasers Teaser clips of intimate demonstrations of The Cowgirl.
Solo Rider A rider demonstrates using The Cowgirl for the first time in a solo setting. She shares her thoughts before trying the machine and gives viewers a voyeuristic peek into the power and pleasure of The Cowgirl.
Coupled Riders - 1 A heterosexual couple share real-life thoughts about using The Cowgirl and how it feels like a fun “threesome”. They intimately demonstrate how to enjoy the machine when both a woman and a man are together.
Coupled Riders - 2 A partnered couple give their thoughts before riding The Cowgirl and then have fun experimenting with power dynamics and the powerful strength of the machine.